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TOP: 0xd14aa9de5B0846F74D068f3Ff8db0F760D83C850

Is our standard ERC20 token! The ownership of this contract has been renounced.

Dream: 0x82775B3963F71255d2967DA9de7f3041dE8eB150

Is our standard staked ERC20 token! This is the staked version of TOP and what you you will be receiving as you stake your top. Ownership of this contract has been renounced.

Treasury: 0xbFF7397d59782936C5080EA1b4a0Ff05026A09F2

Is our official standard treasury of the Time protocol. This is what facilitates how the whole protocol operates and functions. Ownership of this has been transfer to the protected multisig!

Dai Bond: 0x2c29EFb2857d2d038B6E55cAebB6401A531f176a

Eth/wETH Bond: 0x926Aa33d7A26301956195a2d2333D87bc7D709A1

Last modified 9mo ago