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Top Fi Introduction

Wonderland Time Reimagined
The Top Fi DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that invests in the blockchain passive income and entertainment sectors in a diverse manner. The DAO is made up of one main token, $TOP, which is a passive income mechanism based on the OHM-REBASE paradigm.
Top Fi DAO was inspired by movements towards the free world and capitalizes on innovative passive income strategies to create yield bearing opportunities for investors that dive into the DAO and integrate themselves as a hustler, moving mountains towards actualizing freedom.
Top Fi's mission is to build a truly community-run platform that strives for longevity and sustainability by utilizing multifaceted investment strategies in blockchain passive income and other real utilities.


We invite you to join us in breaking free from the boring DeFi world on a completely new and distinct arena.
This is Top Fi DAO, a secure haven for ambitious individuals seeking financial independence and willing to walk the path towards complete freedom.
Top Fi intends to:
  • Leverage deflationary mechanisms to generate a long-term rebase ecosystem through investments, asset acquisition and intrinsic tokenomics.
  • DAO members can earn money by renting out communal assets and offering leadership, training, and prospective sponsorships.
  • Launch Top Fi token to maintain the DAO's treasury balance while simultaneously raising the value of the $TOP tokens.
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