Top Fi DAO & Token

$TOP, often known as the Top Fi DAO, is a decentralized elastic token technology based on Arbitrum. Each Top Fi token is backed by a treasury basket of assets (e.g., ETH, USDC, etc.), providing it inherent worth.
The $TOP token also serves as a token of co-governance for the Top Fi DAO. Aside from delivering intrinsic value to the $TOP token, treasury assets will be put into different yield-generating and investment opportunities with the purpose of creating eternal growth.
Finally, through staking and minting, Top Fi DAO incorporates economic and game-theoretic dynamics into the market. $TOP is a forked version of the $TIME codebase.

Wtf is the point of Top Fi DAO?

Our objective is to build a DAO-governed treasury and a suite of gaming and media-focused services. In the medium term, we think that our collective will generate value for $TOP token holders as well as through treasury growth (i.e. yield and investments) and incentive-based investing applications. In the long run, we believe we can build a thriving, community-driven ecosystem where crypto-natives and noobs alike can interact/participate in developing novel crypto primitives/applications.

BASED AF Dev, but how tf do I participate?!

Our Top members can contribute in a variety of ways, including staking or minting $TOP for growth and governance, as well as more forthcoming options.
For Top Fi market players, there are two basic strategies: minting and staking. Stakers stake their Top Fi tokens in exchange for additional Top Fi tokens, whereas minters trade USDC or Top/USDC LP tokens for discounted Top Fi tokens after a certain vesting time (5 days).
Governance participants (Top Fi Holders) can participate by participating in conversations in our community discord and proposing and voting on the official DAO site. We are constantly searching for more community members to contribute!

So how can we become a capital G with Top Fi DAO?!

The key advantage for stakeholders is increased supply. The system generates fresh $TOP tokens from the collateral pool, with the majority of them given to stakers. Thus, the benefit for investors will come from their auto-compounding balances, while price exposure is still a factor. Stakers would profit if the growth in token balance outpaced the probable decline in price (due to inflation).
The biggest advantage for minters is price constancy. Minters commit capital up front in exchange for a fixed return at a specific point in time; that return is in $TOP, so the evolved member's profit is determined by the $TOP price when the bond matures. Minters profit from growing or stable $TOP prices.
Finally, the intrinsic value of $TOP can be increased through minting (by bringing more collateral into the treasury) or external treasury growth initiatives. Long-term, we intend to shift the incentive away from minting/staking (which is dilutive in nature) and toward increasing the intrinsic value of $TOP through the deployment of treasury funds into various growth opportunities.

Who are the Based Devs behind this project?!

Our original team is a team of of DeFi veterans and memelords from around the world that firmly believe in censorship-resistant currencies and apps. In this manner, the team has abandoned central control in favor of a real community-driven DAO architecture.
Our crew has expertise developing 8-9 figure TVL protocols based on Olympus and Tomb forks, as well as other BASED AF protocols.
Our BASED TEAM have shown others the light and will pave the path out of the Matrix for all those who are ready to join us in the future.

So who runs Top Fi DAO?

Only the DAO members! The Top Fi ecosystem is entirely DAO-controlled. The holders of our governance tokens, $TOP on the Arbitrum chain, make all decisions.